October 18 – November 5

Every fall Mortenson Non-Union Craft Team Members have the option to update their insurance elections during Open Enrollment. Find more information by watching a video summarizing your benefits, learning about new benefits, reviewing updated rates and determining your next steps.

Watch a video summarizing all benefits available to Non-Union Craft Team Member here.

Don’t wait until the last minute to enroll! Return your forms to your project office or to your foreman by November 5!

Review updated 2022 Rates! Medical rates slightly increased in 2022 and dental rates were flat again in 2022.

2022 Medical, Pharmacy, Vision, and Disability Weekly Rates

Coverage LevelMedical, Pharmacy, Vision, and Disability Weekly Rates
Team Member$24.61
Team Member + Spouse$62.92
Team Member Plus Child(ren)$56.45
Family (Team Member Plus Spouse Plus Child(ren))$91.30
Single Plus Domestic Partner1$62.92
Single with Child(ren) Plus Domestic Partner 1$91.30
Single Plus Domestic Partner with Child(ren) 1$91.30

2022 Dental Weekly Rates

Coverage Level
Dental Weekly Rate
Team Member$2.77
Team Member Plus Spouse$4.85
Team Member Plus Child(ren)$5.08
Family (Team Member Plus Spouse Plus Child(ren))$8.08
Single Plus Domestic Partner 1$4.85
Single with Child(ren) Plus Domestic Partner 1$8.08
Single Plus Domestic Partner with Child(ren) 1$8.08

Mortenson NUC Team Members, spouses, and dependents have access to two programs:

  • Quit Genius – App-based Tobacco Cessation Program to help you quit smoking, vaping, or chewing
  • 2nd.MD – Expert Medical Second Opinion vendor to provide guidance on an upcoming surgery or new diagnosis.

Summary of what is staying the same in 2022:

  • Mortenson team members and their families will still have access to the dedicated CareConnect team
    • You’ll be able to connect with a team of experts dedicated exclusively to Mortenson team members for answers to questions about the health needs of you and your family.
    • Contact the CareConnect team at 833.209.6462
  • NO changes to medical co-pays (fixed amount for a covered service) when you visit the doctor:
    • $0 – Virtual visits and preventive visits
    • $20 – Primary doctor office visits
    • $40 – Specialist visits
    • $50 – Urgent care visits
    • $300 + deductible and coinsurance – Emergency room visits
  • NO changes to pharmacy co-pays for prescription medications:
    • $0 – Preventive
    • $5 – Tier 1 medications
    • $50 – Tier 2 medications
    • $150 – Tier 3 medications 

Review other resources mailed to homes and available at projects

UHC Home Mailer

202 Domestic Partner Statement

One-Page Benefits Overview

2022 Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Quit Genius Poster

Medicare Part D Credible Coverage

CHIP Notice

Have Questions? Call Mortenson CareConnect 833-209-6462 .

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