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New hire

Welcome to Mortenson! Your benefits vary if you are a first-time hire. Learn more by visiting the new hire section of this site.

Eligible dependents

If you enroll in a medical or dental plan to the following eligible dependents may also be enrolled in coverage. One way to manage health care costs is to ensure that only eligible dependents are enrolled in our plan. It’s important to verify that all of your enrolled dependents meet the required eligibility criteria.

Who to cover: dependents

Your spouse is the person with whom you are legally married. Individuals in registered domestic partnerships, civil unions and common law marriages are not considered spouses under the plan. 

Your spouse is no longer an eligible dependent to be covered on Mortenson plans if you have divorced or legally separated.

Defined as:

  • Any son, daughter, stepchild, eligible foster child, or adopted child of the team member who is less than 26 years old.
  • The term child means a child born to you, or a child legally adopted by you.
  • Also includes a step-child who lives with you, or a child for whom you are the legal guardian.
  • Child(ren) 26 or more years old with a verified mental or physical disability are eligible to be covered if they are unmarried and primarily supported by a team member.

Court ordered dependent coverage will automatically be changed when Mortenson receives court order documentation. Team members​ will be notified when Mortenson receives the court order.

Any dependent who does not meet a plan’s dependent eligibility requirements or is otherwise disqualified from eligibility is not considered an eligible dependent.

A domestic partner is defined as:

  • Shares your permanent residence for 1 year or longer
  • Over 18 years old
  • Financially interdependent with you
  • Not a blood relative any closer than would prohibit legal marriage.

Domestic partners must be certified through Human Resources. For more information, please see the 2023 Domestic Partner Statement or  2023 Domestic Partner Statement (Spanish) and email the HR Service Center or call 1-800-780-0642, option 3,

A woman holds a sonogram in front of her signifying she is newly pregnant and will need to change her benefits

Benefit changes

You can change your benefits mid-year if you experience a qualifying life event: birth or adoption of a child, marriage, divorce or annulment, death of dependent, spouse changes employment or has open enrollment, loss of other coverage, domestic partnership, or court ordered dependent coverage.

You have 31-days from the date of the event (90 days for birth or adoption) to login to your Team Member Workbench account to add your new child. Initiate this life change by selecting ‘View/Update Non-Union Benefits & Beneficiaries’ > ‘Report a Life Event’ > ‘Add Child’.

If you are having trouble logging in, you can follow the steps to reset your password at unlock.mortenson.com.

Team members can enroll in benefits during Open Enrollment, typically in late October for coverage changes to be effective January 1 of the following calendar. During Open Enrollment you can add or remove dependents.

​​Birth or adoption of a child

  • Hospital birth announcement or birth certificate
  • Evidence of adoption


  • Marriage certificate

Divorce or annulment 

  • Divorce decree

Death of a dependent

  • Death certificate

Spouse changes employment or has open enrollment 

  • Email, notice, print out of enrollment elections with effective date, or termination notice

Loss of other coverage

  • Documentation with indication of who was covered and the end date of the coverage

​Domestic partnership (​all 4 items are required):

  1. Copies of both partners driver’s license with the same address
  2. Lease, mortgage or 12 months of utility bills showing both partners as parties to the transaction
  3. Financial interdependence – joint checking account, designation of domestic partner as beneficiary for life insurance, retirement, or will
  4. Completed Statement of Domestic Partner

For more information, please visit the Domestic Partnership page  on the Mortenson intranet.

Domestic partners must be certified through Human Resources, please see the  2023 Domestic Partner Statement or  2023 Domestic Partner Statement (Spanish)  [PDF] for supporting documentation and reach out to the HR Service Center with any questions.

Court-Ordered Dependent Coverage

  • Coverage will automatically be changed when Mortenson receives court order documentation. Team members will be notified when Mortenson receives the court order.

Have Questions? Call Mortenson CareConnect 833-209-6462 .

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